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In the Hindu mythology, Akasha named the original beauty of the world.

Here, she takes the form of a magical place, neighbor of Tamarina golf course, nestled in the last loop of the Rempart River. It is a unique site : as the outpost of an earthly paradise, this lush natural raised plateau, 30 metres high, sloping down towards a sea that reinvents the light shining on Tamarin Bay.

Discover your own piece of paradise !

From a fisherman’s village that unrolled along a large savannah plain circling the foot of the landmark hill - La Tourelle, the coastal locality of Tamarin has evolved over time into an upmarket seaside resort and residential suburb. Tamarin is also famous for its traditional salt pans, the left break wave of its bay and its silver sand beach – all-time favourites with surf aficionados. Indeed, Tamarin remains in its very soul an easy-to-live and easy-to-love village.

Akasha’s villas have been set out and designed following the natural slope of the site. They make the most of the view and its array of vivifying greens and blues that keep shifting in hues between the lush vegetation, the lively lagoon and endless ocean.

Different types of villas are available for sale :

  • Village as from 595 000 Euros,
  • Hameau as from 775 000 Euros,
  • Rivière as from 1 250 000 Euros,
  • Mangrove as from 2 550 000 Euros,
  • Barachois as from 2 350 000 Euros.

Akasha’s clubhouse is located at the entrance of the estate. In line with the inclusive spirit of the development, the purpose of this facility is to provide a dedicated space where residents can gather, meet and get to know one another to create friendly ties. To this end, it includes a fitness centre, a restaurant and bar.

Akasha includes an offer of facilities and services which comprise the security and maintenance of the common spaces of the domain, the rental management of the private properties and their maintenance too. A ferry service will take residents from the estate to the beach, navigating the estuary. A concierge service, operating morning to evening, will take charge of residents’ shopping requirements, inclusive of home delivery; it also proceeds to required bookings for leisure activities, cultural events and restaurant reservations.

Mauritius island has long been renowned and sought-for as a privileged tourist destination, foremost for its moderate tropical climate and sunny skies, its luxuriant landscapes, magnificent beaches and lagoons, its luxury hotels and championship golf courses, the large choice of land and sea sports and leisure activities if offers. Today, in addition, Mauritius positions itself as an acknowledged business and investment destination.

Embodying its historical motto, Mauritius remains « The Star and Key of the Indian Ocean ». The country’s economic dynamism, political stability and social harmony as well as the state’s investment in the development of modern infrastructures have strengthened the country’s rank among those acknowledged as a safe and pleasant place to live. National policies in favour of foreign investments have contributed to place Mauritius at the topmost ranks of the Ease of Doing Business Index and to position it among the region’s strategic jurisdictions to bridge Europe, Africa and Asia.

In Mauritius, the development of upmarket real estate properties that are available for international acquisition, is managed under specific and stringent legal frameworks. Akasha is a residential development of the Property Development Scheme (PDS) type. This means that it allows foreigners to fully own a private residence on Mauritian territory. A PDS includes collective facilities and services and applies an inclusive approach to facilitate the integration of new residents within their neighbouring local communities. Any foreign buyer investing more than USD 500,000 in a real estate property in Mauritius can thereby obtain Mauritian residency rights for himself, life partner and his own children up to the age of 24. The Mauritian residency permit thus granted remains valid for as long as the buyer remains the owner of the acquired property.

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